What Bostonians Want

We’re just going to say it: We love quasi-sciencey books about feelings.

From Jane Goodall and Meredith Smalls’ anthropologic looks into love and human behavior to the recent influx of bestsellers about happinessif a publisher sticks an emotion in a book title, a Ph.D after the author’s name, and a piece of art that doesn’t scream “self-help” on the cover, we’ll gladly pony up $24.95.

As you can imagine, it was only a matter of time before we were itching to conduct our own emotive exploration. It might be too late for us to become famous world-saving primatologists, but we’re doing the next best thing—uncoding what we, as Bostonians, are really looking for when it comes to Love.

Here’s where you, dear readers, come in: Take 5 minutes to humor our Goodall obsession by taking our survey, and we’ll reward you with Boston‘s first-ever, in-depth look at how we hook up in the Hub. (Just think: You’ll be able to read interesting information about feelings under the safety of the non-self-helpy Boston magazine cover. You’ll take deep satisfaction in knowing that you were (sort of) in the magazine. And you’ll pay far less than $24.95!)

It’ll be fun. Promise. Click here for the survey.