Bostonista Gets Educated: Makeup

We’re a proud college town. Howard Stern once roamed Boston University. Harvard had a few good alums; Conan, Natalie Portman, and a few other very important folks. Even John Mayer called Berklee his hangout for a time.

There’s many more, of course, like Emerson alum and makeup maven, Bobbi Brown. She’s done-up the dolls of the runway for Oscar de la Renta and Caroline Herrera for years.

And lucky for us, she’s back in town. Brown is launching a new program in makeup artistry this spring at Emerson College, which will kick off with some basic workshops that anyone can sign up for. That means you and me.

The makeup workshops will be instructed by Kimberly Soane, Brown’s manager of artistry. Current course choices are the 10-Step Beauty class, Special Occasion class, and the Mother/Daughter class (just in time for Mother’s Day). Classes are limited to 25 people, cost $200, and are taught on Emerson’s campus at the Brown-supported Tufte Center.

But if you’re looking for something a little more serious (like dropping your 9-5 and making something of your life-long obsession with makeup), then check out Emerson and Bobbi Brown’s professional courses, debuting this summer.

The professional program will cover the fundamentals of makeup artistry, advanced makeup arts, and the business of becoming a professional makeup artist.

Future Bobbi Browns of America need apply.