The Mating Call

Spring was in the air this weekend, and the male mating call was heard loud and clear at the Harpoon St. Patrick’s Day Festival and at the Liberty Hotel, where Bostonista played the wing-woman to all her single-lady friends.

Though this femme fatale is married, our Bostonista friends fell victim to some up the worst (and most creative) pick-up lines we’ve heard in a long time. It was like an episode of Tool Academy. Please share your stories in the comments at the end of this post!

The Scene: Harpoon St Patrick’s Day Festival
Guy: “Your jaw must hurt…”
Bostonista: “What? Why….”
Guy: “From smiling all day.”
Bostonista: “Ohhh Okay….”

The Scene: The Liberty Hotel. (Bostonista wore an elaborately beaded top, pictured above).
Guy: “Hey. I just noticed your shirt. I am part Native American, and I was wondering what tribe it’s from. It is Iroquois or Cherokee?”
Bostonista: “I don’t know. I just bought it at a store.”
Guy: [Nearly getting down on one knee to examine the beading around the neckline] “I really think it might be Hopi.”
Bostonista: [Laughing] “It’s a really nice display, isn’t it?”
Guy: “Oh come on, I was looking at it from an artistic perspective.”

The Scene: Also at the Liberty Hotel
Guy: “My brother lost the keys to his apartment, so we’re going to have to get a hotel room tonight.”
Bostonista: “That’s too bad. Why don’t you call his landlord to let you in?”
Guy: “Why don’t you girls party with us?”
Bostonista: “I don’t think so. We’re classy ladies. You’d have to pull out a chair for us a few times, before that happens.”
Guy: “I can do that right now.”
Bostonista: “Good bye…”
Guy’s Brother: [Shouting] “Found the keys!”
Guy: “Shhhh, bro…Shhhh”

What’s the worst (or best) pick up line you’ve heard?