This Week's Mini-Consumer Index

An extension of the things we’re obsessed with this month:

Ballet-inspired classes: Like the rest of the celeb-following world, we’ve been intrigued by trainer-to-the-stars Tracey Anderson‘s dance/Pilates hybrid workouts ever since client Gwyneth started showing off her legs on red carpets everywhere. As we wait for Anderson to open a Boston studio, we’ve signed up to try Life in Synergy’s Ballet Booty and Boston Sports Club’s NYC Ballet Workout Movement. We’ll keep you posted…

Lip stains: Growing up, the stylish women in our life all wore Elizabeth Arden Simply Red. We vividly remember being nine, going to lunch with our mom and grandmother, watching them touch up their lipstick in the powder room, and fervently wishing for the day we would magically morph into an effortlessly chic, red-lipped adult.

That day has not yet arrived.

In the meantime, however, we’re thoroughly enjoying both Stila Pomegranate Crush lip stain and those new Cover Girl lip markers. (We tried, uh, Berry Smooch.) Both varieties provide a long-lasting, pretty color boost without the makeupy-ness of red lipstick, but we like Stila’s lighter, gel-like consistency better. The Cover Girl stains are exactly like Sharpies for your mouth, so they tend to be a bit intense and drying. (We tried applying ours over balm to subdue the color, but discovered that ruins the marker. A better idea is to apply, blot, and add balm after.) Both stains stood up well to our incessant beverage sipping.

Male pageboy haircuts: On Monday night, we happened to channel-flip through a new episode of NBC’s Medium. Who knew this weird little show was still on the air? And just as improbably…who knew that Patricia Arquette’s TV husband was completely attractive despite his boy-banged haircut? We thought it was just a fluke…until Jay Leno’s first guest, Demetri Martin, came on half an hour later. Same stupid haircut, same cuteness. Huh.

What else should we obsess over right now?