Bostonista Loves: Dirty Bow Wow

Disclaimer: We realize that, thanks to the Internet, saying that Americans need more access to adorable animals is akin to arguing that the AIG guys need more zeroes in their bonuses or that Erin Lucas needs more hair accessories.

But we still maintain that everyone should buy Dirty Bow Wow…or at least flip through it at Borders. This delightful little book, by Boston-based design couple Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz, showcases local dogs and their playthings.

A follow up to their 2007 hit, Dirty Wow Wow (about children’s bedraggled toys and blankies), Dirty Bow Wow introduces us to Turbo, a one-eyed French Bulldog who won’t go anywhere without his stuffed alligator, and Rosaleen, an Irish Terrier with a deep affection for paper towels. There’s also Labradoodle Halle, who loves her completely deformed frisbee, and Amos, an aging golden retriever pictured with his longtime (headless) friend, Quacking Duck.

Inspired by their evening walks past the Common’s dog park, the Katzes selected the canine models, penned the mini-love stories, and asked local photographers Hornick/Rivlin to shoot them. The end result is a charmer that deserves a spot on even the biggest design snob’s coffeetable.

Dirty Bow Wow: A Tribute to Dogs and the Objects of their Affections by Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz (Ten Speed Press, 111 pages, $14.95)