Store Relocation: Simon Pearce

By A. J. Downey

For some women, it’s their shoes. Others, it’s their collection of handbags. But me? I have my Simon Pearce. During my recent move to Boston, it was my Simon Pearce pieces that received the royal treatment. Not my jewelry. Not my picture frames. No, it was the Barre bowl (pictured), plus some other kitchen wares, that sat shotgun.

After 12 years, the glass and pottery store on Newbury is headed over to a bigger space, which is right down the street. (Doors open this Saturday.) And, it’s expected to borrow some elements from their Quechee flagship store, like a gallery to showcase some of their most stunning (and contemporary) pieces.

“We’ve designed the space to be simple, chic and modern, but at the same time warm, approachable and welcoming,” says Simon Pearce president Rob Adams. At home, you feel: The high ceilings and large bay windows are not unlike many Bostonian homes, but it’s the marvelous 4-foot glass chandelier — which was specially designed by Mr. Simon Pearce himself (pictured) — that you won’t find anywhere else.

The move was only 100 feet, but I would guess that plenty of pieces still sat in the front seat.

103 Newbury St., Boston, 617-450-8388,