Total Recoil!

By: Sarah Burns

Our city’s winter weather can lead to a major case of the stir-crazies. If you’re literally ready to bounce off the walls, hit up Sky Zone Boston, the Northeast’s first indoor trampoline park.

Owner Stella Downie teamed up with the Las Vegas-based Sky Zone franchise two years ago to bring their patented court design-10,000 square feet of interconnected grid tramps-to the 20,000 square-foot Hyde Park warehouse facility. The secret to the bounce, says Downie, who also opened Stellabella Toys in Cambridge, is the system of cables and chains that support the walled trampoline bed. The trampolines are built without traditional steel bars (which have less give and can pose a safety hazard) to allow for higher jumps.

Patented technology aside, bouncing is a high-energy, healthy exercise option. Jumpers of all ages are welcome on the main court for Open Jump, kiddos four and under can play at the toddler court, and for the truly rambunctious there’s a 3D dodgeball court, which makes high hop-shot-opps and duck-and-bounce avoidance moves fast and lofty-efforts we only used to be capable of on our favorite (2D) old school video games.

Between Sky Robics fitness classes for cardio fiends and SkyJam jump-dance parties for those looking to shake things up on a Saturday night, there are plenty of reasons to get hopping.

Even though the location just opened, Downie has plans to spread her love of jumping to inner-city students to promote healthy and active living. “People have a sedentary lifestyle,” says Downie. “We need to be more ‘in’ our bodies and jump around instead of watching TV.”

SkyZone Boston, 91 Sprague St., Boston, 857-345-9693,