Salon Mario Russo Gives Makeovers to Celtics Dancers

By: Anne Vickman

Salon Mario Russo, our 2010 Best of Boston winner for general excellence, opened a second location this fall inside the revamped Louis on Fan Pier. As the only salon in town with an entire floor dedicated solely to coloring hair, the Mario Russo’s team of pros recently gave mane makeovers to all 18 Celtics dancers.

We’ve got pics of three of the girls post-styling — plus expert tips on how to spice up your look.


Colorist: Amanda Johnson
Years of experience: 6
Specialty: Natural-looking color and brunette hair
What she did: We enhanced Tiffany’s natural color by doing a semi-permanent color gloss. The gloss adds a beautiful shine to the hair and allowed me to darken it half a shade. By deepening her natural color, she will not have any visible roots, as the gloss fades evenly over 6 weeks.

Stylist: Leah Sugrue
Years of experience: 5
Specialty: Cut, style, and extensions
What she did: Tiffany’s thick, shiny hair was limp due to a lack of layering, so I added cascading layers for volume and movement. She also flipped her hair to the side, which revealed a part that was too deep. To change it up I added side-swept bangs and face-framing pieces to soften her look and make it more modern at the same time.


John Brosnan
Years of experience: 18
Specialty: Color, highlights
What he did: Amanda came in with one color: plain brown. To give her hair contrast and life, I alternated a dark, rich brown with a deep red violet. (Coincidentally, the red violet complements green eyes, which means it also sets off her green uniform.) Then we gave it a clear shine. Once a month, I give her a red-violet glaze to keep her hair looking shiny, healthy, and alive. For maintenance I do highlights every two months. Now her hair is nice and shiny, and we love the red violet because it adds interest.

Stylist: Natarsha Hunte
Years of experience: 6.5
Specialty: Bridal, ethnic, cut, and style
What she did: My concept behind this cut was to work with what Amanda already had and enhance it. I listened to what she needed and wanted for her look and designed her hair accordingly. I decided on a cut with continuous layers that would give her hair body and flow without looking chunky.


Amanda Johnson
What she did: Courtney’s color started off jet-black, and it was lightened to create a softer chestnut brown.

Leah Sugrue
Years of experience: 5
Specialty: Cut, style, and extensions
What she did: Courtney’s hair was too heavy at the top and too skinny at the bottom, so I went in and layered to make it more proportional. I also removed excess weight where needed. This made the look softer while still keeping her hair edgy.

Salon Mario Russo, 60 Northern Ave., Boston, 857-350-3139,