Best Tressed: Healthy Winter Hair

‘Tis the season for family, joy…and plenty of bad hair days. Frizz, hat-hair, static, and dryness — it’s enough to turn anyone into a style Scrooge. Bostonista recently chatted with Naz Kupelian, a member of Rusk’s international hair design team and owner of his eponymous salon in Lexington, about surefire tricks to get your hair looking hot through the chilly holidays.

What products do you suggest for cold-weather-proof hair?
Leave-in conditioners are a great way to detangle and help with static. It usually happens to people with fine hair; cold weather just makes it fly away, so another good thing to use is weightless hairspray. If you spray it on a vent brush and comb, it calms everything down so you won’t have flyaways. Sometimes people don’t like to use a lot of hairspray, but using a brush helps detangle and leaves no buildup at all.

What about for those of us with waves or curls?
Rusk makes a product called Deep Shine Oil, which is really great to use before blowdrying. There’s Argan oil in it, so for people with wavy hair that frizzes with the weather it really smoothes the cuticle. The other thing I always tell clients is that you have to blowdry your hair all the way. When you think it’s finished, spend another couple of minutes on it. If the hair’s not totally dry, the heat from the scalp acts like steam and causes frizz. A flat ironing spray is also good because it protects hair from heat and gives it a lot of shine.

All that winter wind can really dry out our skin and hair. Any tips to avoid a mane that feels like straw?
A lot of people tend to wash their hair too much. I think every other day is plenty; if you have oily hair, try using dry shampoo. There’s no reason to wash your hair every day since you don’t sweat as much in the winter as in the summer, and you’re likely not doing outdoor activities all the time. And if you blowdry your hair all the way, it will last a couple of days.

I’d like to spice up my look for the New Year. What are the hottest trends in hair right now?
Shorter hair. If you look at the red carpet, everyone has long hair in curls, and curls are pretty, but I think it’s time to move on and get that individual look. When you have shorter hair, everyone looks different because it depends on the texture of the hair. Bobs are still in, as well as a more layered look instead of straight lines and more texture instead of that smooth look.

The advice I always give is: If you’re not happy with your hair or stylist, change. People think of their stylists as friends, but as long as they’re charging you money, they’re not your friend. I have so many clients who, once they make a change, say, “Oh, my God, I wish I had changed long ago.” It’s hair; it grows; you should go out there and experience new looks.

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