Editors' Picks: New Year's Resolutions

New year, new you, right? Maybe for some of us. When the ball drops, the inevitable question is raised: What’s your New Year’s resolution? I heckled our staff until they ‘fessed up, and one thing is certain: We’re all dedicated to feeling happier and healthier, whether it’s by burning more calories or torching our clothes.

Brittany Jasnoff, Managing Editor:
To join a gym, and to stop eating so much chocolate from [design director] Chin’s candy bowl!

Jason Schwartz, Associate Editor:
My first resolution is to not be bothered by all the extra people at the gym this week. My second resolution is to try to have my first resolution last longer than the resolutions of all those new people at the gym.

Paul Kix, Senior Editor:
I don’t wait until the New Year to make a resolution. If I want to change something, I just tend to do it — so no resolutions for me.

Liz Noftle, Designer:
To take my vitamins, and to bring a brown bag lunch!

Alexandra Hall, Executive Lifestyle Editor:
To finally take care of my 10 bags of dry cleaning. By burning, if necessary.

Maggie Brooks, Office Coordinator & Contributing Writer:
My resolutions are all about food… eating more of it, ironically enough. I want to learn to cook Thai food and develop a new arsenal of Asian recipes, and I want to learn and use old-school Italian cooking methods, like making a four-day sauce.

Austyn Ellese Mayfield, Contributing Editor:
I don’t do resolutions. It’s not that I think they are dumb; I just think they are ineffective. It makes more sense to me to set short-term goals not predicated by calendar dates. I think if in your mind it’s a “New Year’s” thing, then you’re more likely to lose motivation once the year isn’t so new anymore.

Rachel Slade, Home Design Editor:
I resolve to grow a nice, solid bubble around me so that I can see negative energy coming my way and then watch it bounce off of me.

Betsy Halsey, Senior Designer:
To be healthier, including eating better and keeping up with my dentist and eye appointments!

Alyce Jones, Assistant Art Director:
The usual: work out and eat healthy.

Tanya Pai, Assistant Managing Editor:
To be more active, both physically and philanthropically. Also to be more punctual. (There’s a reason I’m last on this list.)