Stuff We Love: The “New” New Balance

By: A. J. Downey

Can someone please explain this New England weather to me? Given that this was my first winter in Boston, I prepared myself for the worst — and, well, we did pretty much get that, didn’t we? Every which way. But then today shows up and decides to throw out some 58- and 59-degree temps for the lunchtime runners who were geared up (down?) in tank tops and shorts. What gives?

With this season’s unpredictable — and unforgiving — weather, it’s not the easiest to plan our outdoor workout outfits. Lucky for us, Boston-based New Balance debuted new waterproof/windproof products that also feature MegaHeat fabric to sustain overall warmth. Add that to safety features (i.e. front and back reflectivity for those short February days) and tech elements (i.e. iPod-friendly pockets with wire guides), and the New Balance “NBx” line is officially New-England-weather approved. See below for a slideshow of their stuff. And tell us — how do you guys prepare for runs at this time of year? Leave us a comment below!