Stuff We Love: Flossbox

By: Anne Vickman

The only thing more annoying than remembering to floss is not having any floss on you when you really need it. And when it comes to carrying the stuff, we seem to have developed some sort of dental-care-related amnesia. That is, until a Flossbox came across our desk.

The slick credit-card-sized dispenser hides 16.5 yards of floss, and has a handy mirror on one side. The other side can be decked out in a customizable pattern on the company’s website. (We chose a dandy birdcage print from local graphic designer 3 Lambs Graphics.) It’s by far the prettiest box of floss we will ever own, and came in handy on a recent flight to L.A. when a poppyseed lodged itself in our chompers. Though flossing in public sits mid-range on our list of things to avoid doing in public, sometimes — like when you’re stuck in a window seat — it’s a necessary evil. And the Flossbox, at the very least, will make it a little less obvious and a lot more stylish.

$3.49, Health First Pharmacy, 1670 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617-206-3233,