Product Review: Ouidad Botanical Boost

When a bottle of Ouidad’s Botanical Boost showed up at the office, I pounced on the chance to test it. Ever since puberty transformed my stick-straight locks into a super-thick, unruly mane constantly teetering between “curly” and “disaster,” I’ve been a sucker for any product that promises to eliminate frizz and whip waves in gear. The company’s website claims the leave-in conditioner, formulated for curly hair, will “soften, moisturize, detangle,” and perform a host of other duties I’m hoping will rescue me from Richard Simmons territory.

Before bed, I spritz the stuff on my towel-dried hair, concentrating as suggested on the ends. I’m not crazy about the scent (which is oddly chemical despite the product’s nature-inspired moniker), but it’s not overpowering. By morning the scent has faded, and my hair is shiny, soft, and — if not completely frizz-free — at least less puffy than before.

While Botanical Boost doesn’t have enough hold to tame my tresses on its own, it would probably be a great prep for gel, and because it’s so light, it works well as a refresher during the day. The price is pretty reasonable, too, meaning I’d spring for this over a generic leave-in spray. My hair war isn’t yet won — but at least now I’ve got another weapon in my arsenal.

8.5 oz for $16, 33.8 oz for $48, available at Sephora, Prudential Center, Boston, 617-262-4200,