Product Review: Kiehl’s Double Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler

By: Rachel Slade

I don’t have wrinkles, for Pete’s sake. I have, well, placeholders where the wrinkles will eventually go. Depending on the light, my hydration level, and how much I’ve grimaced in the past 10 hours, my “facial cracks” vary from cute to canyonlike craters. This is a relatively new thing for me, so I haven’t yet googled “Botox Boston.” I’m still looking for the miracles that come in jars and tubes.

So when my coworker brought over the Kiehl’s Double Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler (DSDWF) package, complete with a very cruel magnifying mirror and a small, unassuming tube of elixir, I was intrigued. According to the accompanying description, the product offers an instant plumping effect (thanks to something called “sodium hyaluronate filling spheres”), and long-term filling, courtesy of fragmented hyaluronic acid. It may be made by Kiehl’s, but it’s not for those who would rather starve than not eat organic. Whatever this crack filler is, it was invented in a lab by people in white coats who like to work with test tubes.

I assiduously applied the filler on January 31 and every day since, sometimes hourly, depending on my mood. I traveled with my little tube, brought it home, applied it while brushing my teeth or watching Netflix in bed. It became a bit of an addiction because, I reasoned, it smelled so bad it must be good for you.

Now, two months later, I’ll readily admit I have crack problem. And I’m going to get help — real help — once I pay off my charge bill. Maybe Kiehl’s DSDWF plumped and filled on a microscopic level, but only some kind of magic cosmetic putty that could do the same job on the macro level would be worth $39 a tube. My makeshift solution? I gotta stop using my face to drive home a point. I may have 43 facial muscles, but almost every one has conspired to turn me into my mother. If I could just smile pleasantly all the time, I could avoid the needle that much longer. Until then, I’ll use up the tube and wait for the next miracle-in-a-box.

$39, Kiehl’s, 112 Newbury St., Boston, 617-247-1777,