Stuff We Love: GloLite Candles by PartyLite

By: Anne Vickman

Our affinity for fire aside, we’ve burned enough candles to know whether or not a pillar of wax is worth our salt. The new GloLite candles by Plymouth-based PartyLite actually impressed us, which is saying something. The dim glow of a burning wick telegraphs romance and relaxation, but sometimes said glow is a little too dim. So dim that we still bash our shins on the corner of the bed and trip over our slippers, which is anything but romantic or relaxing. GloLite’s lightly scented candles have a smooth texture with striations that look similar to onyx or selenite, and create a glow from top to bottom that’s bright enough to actually see by — and admittedly quite mesmerizing. For a candle, that is.

$12.95 – $16.95,