Testing: Ookisa Hair Thickening Products

By: Maggie Brooks

Is there anyone who wouldn’t want hair that’s a wee bit thicker or perhaps a tiny bit shinier or maybe a tad softer? With this brutal winter behind us, do your hair a favor with the Ookisa hair-thickening product line. After the first use of the volumizing shampoo and conditioner my hair felt lighter, looked smoother, and maintained a healthy bounce all day. As a blonde with a lot of fine hair that falls flat with the first gust of wind, the promise of a fuller mane was enough to sell me. After a week, my hair is more manageable (it does what I want it to without discussion), brighter, and always feels like I just left the salon (and yes, I can’t help running my fingers through it).

The theory behind Ookisa is that thicker, healthier hair stems from a happy scalp, so the shampoo’s formula combats grime at the follicle, allowing for more vibrant hair to grow. The conditioner is creamy but not heavy, which imparts moisture and shine without weighing down my locks. And the overnight follicle-renewing spray, which is massaged into the scalp every night, strengthens to guard against split ends. No worries about a greasy residue — the spray is completely absorbed.

All the products are safe for everyday use (read: hormone-, alcohol-, and sulfate-free) and leave my hair smelling like an Asian tea garden, which I love. It takes at least four weeks for hair to be dramatically thicker — and about half the time for you to see and feel a difference.

Shampoo and conditioner, $80; overnight serum, $63, ookisa.com.