Testing: Bliss Spa's Carrot-and-Sesame Body Buff

By: Tanya Pai

Now that spring has finally sprung, it’s time to slough off the dregs of winter – literally. Enter Bliss Spa’s carrot-and-sesame body buff, a 90-minute exfoliating treatment that’ll zap dry, flaky skin and leave you glowing from collarbones to toes. First you’re rubbed with a mixture of shredded carrots and essential oils, then drizzled with warm milk and honey. After, you’re wrapped up burrito-style in a foil-like sheet, and the technician gives you a scalp massage while the skin-softening wrap does its work. Then it’s on to the sesame-and-salt body scrub, followed by a rinse under the Vichy shower and a slathering of body butter. A word to the wise: You will be practically naked in front of a stranger, and salad ingredients might find their way to some strange places – but for a beach-vacation-ready bod, not to mention the pure indulgence factor, we think we can deal.

$165 for a 90-minute treatment, Bliss Spa, W Hotel, 100 Stuart St., Boston, 617-261-8747, blissworld.com/spa.