Stuff We Love: Mor Emporium Black Collection Soap

If there’s one affordable luxury we’re apt to overlook, it’s a fabulous bar of soap. We’re more likely to drop coin on makeup or moisturizer and skip any fancy suds-makers. That is, until we discovered Mor’s new line. The soaps, infused with shea butter and vitamin E, are indulgent in the best way: They smell amazing (but won’t leave you reeking), and come in excessive-inhalation-inducing scents like Snow Gardenia, Italian Blood Orange, and Black Cherry Plum. And call us a sucker for packaging, but what we like almost more than the soaps themselves are the wrappers: thick, colorful paper reminiscent of luxe, vintage wallpapers found in the likes of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Paper this pretty renders the bars nearly too striking to unwrap. But when you do, it’s not entirely unlike opening a tiny present — one that lathers up without overdrying or mysteriously melting away in mere days. Bonus? It makes your shower smell heavenly, too.

$16.50, Acquire, 61 Salem St., Boston, 857-362-7380,