Stuff We Love: Colorescience Lip Shine SPF 35

So we have to admit: we’re lip gloss junkies. We blame Bonne Bell for getting us hooked on the stuff at an early age — those tubes of flavored shine were never far from our grasp, and their chemically mimicked flavors (I mean come on, Dr. Pepper, anyone?!) were what kept us going back for more. Fast-forward many years, and though quite grown up, we still have a hankering for the stuff. But with the sun finally making an appearance, we’re sacrificing our penchant for fake flavors for something more important: sunscreen.

For some reason, though, finding a great sun-blocking gloss that actually lasts is quite the challenge. That is, until Colorescience Lip Shine came across our desk. Not only does it have a high SPF of 35, but it provides both UVA and UVB protection (oftentimes a product will have one and not the other). Its subtle spearmint flavor and whack of sheer color are precisely what we’ve been looking for in a summer gloss. And, unlike most of its counterparts, it’s free from chemical sunscreens and stays put — meaning we don’t need to reapply every time we sip from our Sigg.