Stuff We Love: Yala's Bridget Halter Dress

Now that the sun is shining with merciless abandon, we’ve been on the hunt for an easy-to-wear, stylish sundress. Normally we’re all for shucking out $13.80 on a one-season, on-trend frock, but this year, we’re putting on our big-girl pants and moving past our affinity for cheap polyester dresses. So when we found Yala’s Bridget Halter Dress, we were sold for a few reasons.

First is that the fabric is Just. So. Soft. It’s made from bamboo, which is a pro or a con depending on where you get your facts about importing bamboo from across the globe (though the small, family-owned Yala employs sustainable business practices and offsets its carbon footprint by partnering with GreenShipping). But there’s no denying that it’s supremely comfy. The second is versatility: The dress can be worn as a halter, traditional spaghetti-strap-style, or as a crossback, which means that by rotating shoes and accessories, we have at least a week’s worth of outfits in one fell swoop — and the perfect travel dress, too. The third is the bright, vibrant shade — a perfect pop of color for summertime.

And last but not least, the cut and fit are surprisingly flattering, while details like ruching add a smidgen of flair to an otherwise simple design.

$79, Fairmont Copley, 138 St. James Ave., Boston, 617-267-5300,