Stuff We Love: Voda Swim's Halter Bikini

While there’s always a time and place for slinky couture beachwear, what we really need is a go-to bikini that works anywhere, anytime — whether we’re tossing the frisbee around in the park or working on our (much-needed) suntan by basking on the beach (with sunscreen, of course). So it’s gotta fit right, stay in place, and make us look slammin’, no ifs, ands, or buts. Voda Swim’s halter bikini covers all three bases: the halter top is lightly padded and adds a little extra umph where some of us need it, while the scoop bottom allows us to go long for a catch without any uncomfortable wedgie action. And that, dear Bostonistas, is a swimsuit you can go back to again and again.

Halter top, $66, and bottom, $44, Voda Swim, available at Intimacy, Copley Place,