Trend Watch: Ubiquitous Summer Styles

While hoofing around the sweaty streets of Boston the past couple of weeks, we noticed two things. The first is that someone needs to invent a whole-body antiperspirant. The second is that a few trends keep popping up again and again on women of all types. While we’re not normally inclined to drop dough on something that makes us look like every other Jenny on the block, a few of these styles are too cute — and functional — not to embrace. Here, in no particular order, are our favorites:

Embellished sandals
Dressy enough for work, yet still supremely comfy.
DV by Dolce Vita “Nyle” sandals, via Crush

Maxi dresses
Boho glam at its best. Bonus: If you skip a day of leg shaving, no one will know.
Colorblocked dress, via Madewell

White pants
There are plenty of terrifying see-through versions out there — but the right pair will be the Prince Charming for colorful, printed tops.
APC jeans, via Stel’s

The straw fedora
A tad hipster, yes, but this hat camouflages a bad hair day and keeps noses from getting sunburned.
“Phylicia” hat, via Aldo

Bright or patterned bags
The bigger the better. Don’t worry if it doesn’t match your outfit exactly; mixed prints and clashing hues add an endearingly slapdash dose of originality.
“Gatsby” bag, via Longchamp