Stuff We Love: Baggu Daypack

The skill of packing light is something I’m constantly trying to perfect, especially when it comes to cramming as much as possible into a carry-on suitcase. While I can pretty much fit two pairs of shoes, five outfits, toiletries, a cell-phone charger, a camera, and an extra book without fail, I nearly always arrive at my destination wishing, ironically, that I had another bag — one I could actually hoof around with. Enter Baggu’s Daypack, which I stumbled across during a recent stop into Black Ink. On first inspection, it appears to be a simple six-inch square nylon pouch with a zipper. But unzip and unfold, and voilá: insta-backpack with one outer pocket. The fact it can be shoved into any tightly packed suitcase or carry-on means I’ve just found my new favorite travel bag.

$24, Black Ink, 5 Brattle St., Cambridge, 617-497-1221; 101 Charles St., Boston, 617-723-3883;;