Getting Cheeky: Sue Devitt Bronzer

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When I was an intern at D Beauty magazine in Dallas, I had a chance to raid the beauty closet, which was stuffed with leftover makeup from photo shoots. Among my haul were about seven different types of bronzer, all in varying shimmery shades. I still have the stuff, and I love it — or at least I always want to. But somehow each one, no matter how pretty it is in the package, goes on my face looking too shiny, too orange … or just too much like makeup.

Which is exactly the opposite of the natural sun-kissed glow it’s supposed to impart. I’d just about resigned myself to sticking to blush — until I tried Sue Devitt’s new bronzing pressed powder. It’s formulated with soothing, antioxidant water lily extract and is free of parabens. But what I really love is that it’s completely matte — no hint of shimmer or sparkle — and the caramel powder goes on sheer and buildable, so it can work on a variety of skin tones.

In other words, it makes me look like I’ve spent all day lounging by the beach, rather than in an office getting anything but tan.