The Red Lipstick Dilemma, Solved

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I love red lipstick. The retro-chic look, the way it makes me look instantly polished, the fear of getting it on my teeth, the endless touchups … .

Let me rephrase. I love red lipstick — on other people. But as I am a lip-biting, pen-chewing, coffee-drinking gal, the most I usually put on my mouth is my trusty Burt’s Bees lip balm. Until I discovered Revlon’s Just Bitten lip marker in Flame, a bright crimson with a hint of coral.

I recently wrote about felt tip lip stains, but those versions were sheer, watercolor tints that disappeared quickly. Just Bitten, on the other hand, gives you bold, opaque color with the precision of a pencil and the coverage of a classic lipstick — but it won’t come off on your teeth. Or your fork. Actually, it won’t come off at all; mine stayed on from morning to night, and the next day my lips were still tinted red. So yes, using this product is a bit of a commitment — but if the ’40s siren look is what you’re after, you won’t find a lower-maintenance way to do it.

Around $7, available at CVS or at