Booze 'n' Beauty at Morton's Seaport

What’s better than fun cocktails with your girlfriends? When said cocktails are low calorie and come with a side of expert style advice. If that sounds like heaven in a glass to you, head to Morton’s Seaport location on Thursday, August 4, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. As you work your way through each drink on the restaurant’s “Spa-Tini” menu, stylists from Salon Mario Russo on Fan Pier will dole out secrets on the hottest colors, cuts, and styles of the summer.

Want a sneak preview? Check out the tips below from longtime stylist Gary Croteau.

On color: We’re working off this idea of cool, creamy shades of ice cream and sorbet. The reality of it is much more attractive than what you think — it’s not a literal translation. We’re getting away from anything that’s really yellow and very synthetic-looking. Instead, we’re working with creamy pale blond, with subtle colors. For somebody who has blue eyes, we add a slightly peachy or lavender tone into the blonde, or a slightly pink tone for green eyes — even if people don’t read it as pink hair they do notice this really cool juxtaposition. These types of colors are actually very wearable; they’re not limited to punk rockers.

On styling: The big word here, too, is juxtaposition. We’re juxtaposing two different textures in one haircut, like smooth, blunt bangs with a really shattered rock ‘n’ roll texture on the ends, or super-slick tight ponytails, very shiny and polished, with matte textured ends.

On surviving the humidity: This time of year, we start seeing people get frustrated with the idea of blowdrying their hair all the time. Instead of having our clients fight with their hair, we’ve been trying to get them to embrace their hair’s natural texture. Smoothing creams are great, and they come in many different versions, so you can find the one that matches your hair type.

$35, Morton’s, 2 Seaport Ln., 617-526-0410,, make a reservation here.