Testing: Miracle Skin Transformer

Photo courtesy of Miracle Skin Transformer.

I’ve long been curious about those at-home airbrushing thingamajigs, but as the only red-carpet events I attend are weekend matinees at the Regal, I can’t justify purchasing one. So when I read about Sarah McNamara’s Miracle Skin Transformer, a foundation-like product that promises the airbrushed look without the scary power hoses, I was instantly intrigued.

MST is a silicone-based formula, which means it’s oil-free; it also packs broad-spectrum SPF 20 and comes in a range of shades including an untinted version. The press release claims the product is chock-full of skin-saving stuff like vitamin A (a “powerful skin renewal booster”), vitamin K (helps with rosacea and dark circles), and passion fruit extract (for hydration). And it’s marketed as a “three-in-one” formula, which I take to mean it’s supposed to stand in for concealer, foundation, and powder.

The stuff comes in a squeeze bottle and is thick — like a cream foundation, not a liquid — but feels lighter than either and doesn’t leave edges or settle into (gulp) wrinkles and creases. It blends easily and gives my skin a soft sheen without being overly shimmery. Though I still opt for my usual dusting of translucent powder on my T-zone, this stuff seems to control oil throughout the day — I notice I’m less shiny than I normally am with the powder alone. The coverage is super subtle, which is a plus for me but isn’t the flawless, blank-canvas finish I was expecting.

Bottom line? If you’ve got a lot to cover (dark circles, zits, third eyes), this isn’t the miracle you’re looking for. But if you want to give your skin a little boost for a natural look that brightens and evens out skin tone — and don’t mind shelling out 50 big ones to do so — then you may want to give this a try.

$50, available at sephora.com or at miracleskintransformer.com.