Eight Local Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

I always wanted to be the bride who gave her bridesmaids a spectacular thank-you gift for being part of my wedding. I’ve received countless bridal party gifts over the years, and there were definitely a handful I could have done without. You know what I’m talking about: jewelry that can only be worn with the less-than-flattering dress or beauty services that are essentially mandatory for the wedding day.

The way I see it, a great thank-you gift should be a gesture that represents how grateful you are that your closest friends are there for you on your wedding day. It could be something practical that they might not splurge on for themselves (like an iPod, flip video camera, or a wine tasting class), or something with an extra personal touch like handmade jewelry or monogrammed silk robes.

Sure, a quick Google search will show you everything from the traditional engraved frames, compacts, and jewelry to gifts that, let’s be honest, no one wants (T-shirts emblazoned with “Bridesmaid,” anyone?). But who needs the Internet? There are plenty of choice gifts right here in Boston. In fact, I found a few that I’d actually have a hard time giving away. Herewith, some great local finds that are sure to wow your bridal party.