Behind the Scenes: Fall Fashion Photo Shoot

High fashion and red paint very rarely make a happy pair — in fact, it’s usually quite the opposite. But this season’s fall fashion spread not only dared to bring them under the same roof, it combined them in almost every single shot with nary a drop spilled nor a (multi-thousand dollar) item of clothing ruined. Impressive, no?

To understand just how this was pulled off, look at the way in which the shoot unfolded: meticulous, pre-planned and checked at every stage of the operations. At the helm were Boston’s lifestyle editor Courtney Hollands and deputy art director Alyce Jones, along with photographer Chris Kilkus and a crack team of stylists, including a very paint-laden props stylist, Bonnie Anderson.

Check out our behind-the-scenes shots from the photo shoot, including makeup applications, hair styling, painting, and on-the-spot decision making, and we’ve compiled it all plus a few quotes from Hollands: