Stuff We Love: Ice Watch

Photo courtesy of Ice Watch.

Riddle me this: I love bright colors — and yet, open my closet door, and what you’ll see is a vaguely neutral selection of clothes, most of which are black. We all know that in fashion, black is always in. Black is easy. Black is (duh) the new black. But at the moment, I’m bored with it, and with fall trends leaning heavily on bold hues, my current mission is to add some vigor via color into my wardrobe. But since purchasing an entirely new wardrobe is unfortunately not in the cards, I’ve set my sights on working in an accessory that packs a punch.

Enter the Ice Watch. These polycarbonate babies come in every shade in the rainbow and add a no-brainer wallop of brightness without going overboard. They also come in three face sizes, so if ginormous watches aren’t your thing, never fear: Unisex (i.e., medium) and small sizes are available, too.

$110, Descar Jewelers, 49 River St., Waltham, 781-894-0523,; Grono & Christie Jewelers, 536 Adams St., Milton, 617-696-1490,;