Boston Bridal Blog: Wedding Event Mania

While clicking through the numerous wedding-related press releases that have flooded my inbox during the past few weeks and surfing the Web for some local inspiration, a theme began to emerge: September and October, it seems, are the months for prenuptial planning fests. Whether you’re almost engaged and looking for the perfect sparkler or are in the throes of party-planning hell (er, heaven) and longing for a spark of genius, these standout events promise to get you there.

Fenway Park Bridal Festival, 9/25
Finally, a way to get your groom involved with the planning: Tickets for this shindig include not just a fashion show and vendor exhibits, but also a park tour — and the chance to win a ceremony right there on the field.

Long’s Jewelers’ Diamond Dash, 10/1
Those in the market for a ring will love this “treasure hunt” via SCVNGR, which promises one pair an heirloom-worthy rock (a Ritani one valued at $20,000, to be specific) — and an unforgettable story for the grandkids to go along with it.

Here Comes the Bride Event at Chestnut Hill Mall, 10/2
Take complimentary cocktails and nibbles, add in a sprinkling of photographers, cake bakers, and beauty experts, and finish with a huge helping of the latest bridal ensembles from Vera Wang and L’Elite, and you’ll have the perfect recipe for planning success.