Stuff We Love: Alexandra Satine Handbags

Photo courtesy of Succarra

Boston, as GQ so graciously pointed out this summer, is not always known for its cutting-edge fashion. Between college kids schlepping books to class and business folks hauling their lives to the office, practicality occasionally wins out over stylishness. Luckily, we now have the best of both worlds in the form of handbag designer Alexandra Satine’s fall collection.

Venezuelan-raised Satine launched her line two years ago, and it’s a mix of minimalist cuts and versatile design. Her fall 2011 collection, for instance, includes the “Brickel” ($490), a satchel that can morph into a surprisingly un-fanny-pack-esque belt bag; the “Michigan Ave” ($280), a clutch that includes a wristlet and shoulder chain straps; and the Optimus Prime of the collection, the “Love My Bag” ($495, pictured), which can be carried as a tote, slung across the body (it includes a leather strap and a chain), and a simple clutch.

At those prices, these bags are an investment, but bargain hunters can assuage their guilt with the knowledge that they’re getting more bag for their buck.While local shops aren’t yet stocking the line, Newton’s All About Shoes will host a trunk show on September 24 to showcase Satine’s designs. Maybe with her help, we won’t even place in GQ‘s top five next year. –Hannah Sheinberg

Alexandra Satine trunk show, 12–5 p.m., Saturday, September 24, All About Shoes, 333 Walnut St., Newton, 617-527-2330;