For the Dude-Man Bros: Sault New England

Philip Saul is running out of bacon T-shirts. His most popular custom design, which features a pig with an arrow pointing to its belly, is already on order, and with a price of $28, it’s likely that the other shirts will follow suit. “I’m not a graphic tee kind of guy,” says Saul, who admits they’re an effective way of branding, pointing to the Sault logo on the arm of one of his shirts.

Mixed in with his own designs at Sault New England are a collection of vintage finds, Ivy Prepster knit ties, bags from Jack Spade, belts by Austin Jeffers, and a unique collection of stationary, coffee-table books, novelty items, and men’s grooming products — and you don’t have to have a trust fund to purchase them.

“I didn’t want to alienate anybody. I remember when I was younger, eating Mac and Cheese, spending all my money on bars and clubs,” says Saul, in regards to his unwillingness to stock higher-end brands. His store is for the “yupster,” as he has coined it — a hipster that’s also a yuppie; a guy who is moving on to his next stage of life. Despite the definition, Saul insists that the store is not for any one type of guy, pointing out his beer soap from Fenway Co. as the perfect gift for “dude-man bros” and his multi-colored carpenter pencils for the more artistic type.

The unusual contents of the store are made all the more appealing by its owner’s brilliant eye for design. The former gourmet food shop has been transformed into a place that feels part apothecary, part vintage store, and part rustic woodland cabin — equipped with its very own porch, saw collection, and chopping block. Perhaps the most creative move has been transforming the former freezer into a metallic dressing room, fixed with a chalk board, cushioned seating, and a paint-splattered rug.

But don’t expect to visit and get the same vibe as described here. Saul insists that his store is ever-changing, “When someone walks in, and they haven’t been in for two weeks, I want them to run into something they haven’t seen before.” Luckily, one thing will always remain certain — no matter when you visit, Saul has made sure you’re going to like what you’ll see.


Owner Philip Saul moved to Boston 10 years ago for a position with Urban Outfitters.


A chalkboard hangs in the dressing room allowing visitors to say hello and leave notes.


Brands available include Ivy Prepster, Jack Spade, Rogues Gallery, and New England Shirt Company, as well as a collection of vintage pieces.


Sault boasts original gift items like these playful flasks engraved with phrases “Put some hair on your chest” and “Down the hatch.”


Beer Soap Co.’s men’s soaps, such as “Fenway” made from Sam Adams Boston Lager, sell for $8 each.


(Sault New England, 577 Tremont St., South End. Info: 857-239-9434, —Ashley Wood