Trend Watch: ID Bracelets

Sweet, old-school goodness. (Photo by Anne Vickman.)

While shades of red, polka dots, and colored denim are the star trends of the fall fashion stage, I’ve been pining for a new accessory: a vintage-style ID bracelet, preferably something gold, chunky, and used. After spotting versions in Elle and at J.Crew and, I went on the hunt. And thanks to the modern miracle known as eBay, I found precisely what I was looking for: a men’s bracelet for less than $30 and free from any engraving, though I did briefly consider upping the antiquarian factor by sporting a nameplate etched with “Bill.” But plain and simple won — and I’ll be pairing this bad boy with just about everything I own.

What about you, Bostonistas? Spotted any ID bracelets around town?