Use Your Gourd at Boston Sports Club

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving anymore. Stop by the Boston Sports Club in Davis Square at noon next Thursday (Oct. 27) or at noon on Halloween to try a workout incorporating — you guessed it — gym-provided orange globes.

And, if you can’t make the free sessions, here are some moves that you can try at home, courtesy of BSC master trainer Fawn Heart Cronin:

Jack-o-Lantern Jumps: Start standing with feet about 6 inches apart. Bend knees and sit down to a 90-degree angle. Lift the pumpkin vertically overhead. With a power jump, leap up and take a giant hop forward. Keep pumpkin straight overhead as you jump to the front, to the sides and to the back. Try for 4 sets of 4.

Spider Squats: Holding a pumpkin, perform a squat. Place your feet shoulder width apart, abs pulled in. Squat down slowly as you sit back on your heels keeping good posture with chest up, shoulders back, and chin level. Lower as far as you can, keeping knees behind the toes and not going below 90 degrees. Try for 3 sets of 20.

Creepy Crunches: Lie on your back with hands holding a pumpkin over your chest. Feet about 2 feet apart, flat on the floor, knees bent. To start the exercise lift your legs lifted vertically, toes pointing toward the ceiling. Next, holding the pumpkin, lift your shoulder blades off the ground and extend pumpkin vertically toward toes. Try for 3 sets of 20.

Lurking Lunges: Stand in split stance, right leg in front, left leg in back. Holding a pumpkin, extend your arms in front of you. Bend both knees and lower into a lunge, keeping front knee behind the toe and knees no lower than 90-degree angles. Once lowered, rotate core 90 degrees to the right and then repeat to the left. Try for 3 sets of 20.

Tombstone Twist: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and pumpkin in your hands, extend your arms up and out and hold the pumpkin in front of you. Rotate your arms and upper body from side to side, pivoting your opposite foot for more range of motion. Try for 3 sets of 20.

A squat or two between the Butterfingers you’ll scarf while waiting for the neighborhood kids to ring your doorbell/egg your house can’t hurt, right?