Testing: We're Going Streaking, Part II

Look ma, I did it all by myself! Also, Angela Chase, you're my hero. (Photo by Anne Vickman.)

Earlier this summer, I came across this article on xojane.com about Streekers and, given my affinity for bright streaks , felt compelled to give it a go.

“Get ready for a Wild Weekend …with no commitment!” says the press release. While I noodle just how wild things have to get to qualify for this sort of gratuitous capitalization, I have to admit I’m excited to try temporary color — not a spray or flaky mascara — that will wash out with shampoo.

Streekers come in eight shades, each in a cone shaped bottle with a lip gloss-type sponge applicator. As with any dye, the instructions indicate that the lighter your hair is, the brighter the color will be. My hair isn’t exactly light — but the vestiges of highlights from earlier this year give me a good enough playground to work with.

I read the instructions, which are simple enough: “Lift hair up and away from scalp in small sections. Apply to dry hair, from root to tip, in long strokes.” The liquid is thin like water, and oddly perfumed. But that doesn’t stop me from painting several chunky, brilliant red streaks on each side of my head.

Easy enough … except for the tips. After applying the color to my strands, which I’m holding by their ends, they’re very obviously damp. And in order to get the tips, I must grab said damp strands to complete the job. By the time I finish streaking, my fingers look like I’ve been playing with red food coloring. Or bleeding profusely. But sure enough, after washing with soap and water my hands are clean. Once my hair is dry, I comb it out. Some of the dye flakes off onto the pristine white sink, but the other 95 percent stays put, and looks quite fabulous, I might add.

Also, this is about the time I pull a really smooth move and knock the unsealed bottle off the counter-top. It does a magnificent 540 McTwist before landing on the tile floor and splattering everywhere. The floor. The cabinet. The wall. The bath mat. I set to cleaning as fast as possible — and amazingly enough, I’m able to clear up almost all evidence of a spill. But just so you know, your bathmat and walls will be stained. Oops.

Once my streaks were in, I set out to see how long they’d last. After venturing out in the rain (under a hat) for several hours, I was convinced the color would disappear—but 33 hours later it was still there — and amazingly enough, didn’t wind up all over my pillow case. Though it was a shade lighter than when I originally applied it, the streaks washed right out in the shower. While I’m not sure if my weekend qualified as “wild,” I do think this stuff is my new go-to for a blast of commitment-free, high pigment color.

$10.95 each, streekers.com.