Project Accessory: Brian Burkhardht's Jewels

Photograph courtesy of Triian

On the Oct. 27 pilot of Lifetime’s new fashion show, Project Accessory, Brian Burkhardt grabs a handful of stuffed teddy bears and tells the camera that the idea for his first look will be “post-apocalyptic Mad Max meets runaway.” After adding other materials like old ice skates and furniture blankets to create a necklace, belt, and hair accessory, Burkhardht earned the one of the highest scores in the first round of the competition.

Lucky for us, we can boast that the creative genius is our own: Burkhardht is a 2003 School of the Museum of Fine Arts graduate and New Hampshire native. Now residing in Miami, he designs jewelry for his company Triian, which he co-owns with his sculptor wife, Trisha Brookbank. Most of the collection is made from combinations of resin and Swarovski crystals, but no two are alike. He calls his pieces “modern-era gems” and the designs are reminiscent of glittering caves and geodes with broken, coral-like textured pieces cradling tiny jewels.

Though Triian is based out of Florida, fans of the designer’s rough, bold, and sparkling style can snap up some of his accessories at the MFA’s shop — and best get on the good foot, too — while we still don’t know who the winner of the show will be, no doubt Burkhardht’s jewelry will soon be coveted by fashionistas everywhere.

$60?$1,750, Museum of Fine Arts gift shop, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston, 617-369-3575, —Hannah Sheinberg