Testing: Bésame Cream Rouge

Image courtesy of Besame Cosmetics

I don’t use blush. I don’t need it — pass me a glass of wine and I’ll be scarlet-cheeked within the hour. But since Bésame Cosmetics’ new Crimson Rouge cream tint can be used on lips, too, I thought I’d give it a try.

The line’s founder, Argentina native and designer Gabriela Hernandez, is inspired by history, so all the products have a fabulously luxe, old-fashioned look that I love. The Crimson Rouge definitely gets bonus points for its bright, Art Nouveau packaging.

The tint — a blue-toned, snappy red — is modeled after the most popular (read: only) color of rouge available between the ’20s and ’40s … pretty! The formula melts to the touch, making it super easy to blend and, were I to rub it on my face, I imagine I’d be happy with the texture. The color goes on sheer — I was able to layer it on my lips four or five times for a punchy red pout with more staying power than any gloss.

A word of warning: it’s drying. After about twenty minutes, my lips had absorbed the color and were a bright, vivacious shade of red (yay!) but were all sorts of dry and flaky (boo!). I don’t have the patience to exfoliate my kisser regularly, but gals who do will be rewarded with a perfectly tinted, non-flaky pucker.

$22, besamecosmetics.com.