Street Style: Terrific Tufts-Goers

Eric and Cameron look great, even while running errands in Harvard Square.

Harvard Square is great for people watching, especially when scouting well-dressed Bostonians for Street Style. I took to the brick-laid streets and found Tufts students Eric Wilkenfeld and Cameron Longyear. Eric looked totally rad in a fabulous orange vest by Ralph Lauren; I loved that he was bold enough to pair it with red pants, too — outfits get boring when everything looks like you bought it to wear together. Cameron, who’s from Manhattan Beach, brought the right amount of laid back Cali style to the Boston winter streets with her flannel and sweater. They were buying supplies for this semester, which is why Cameron, an architecture student, had her arms full.

What are you wearing?

Eric: This vest is Ralph Lauren; I got it at Bloomingdale’s on sale. The sneakers are Alejandro Ingelmo, the sweater is Roberto Collina.

Cameron: My shirt is from my best friend’s mom’s boutique in California, Wright’s. The sweater is Rag and Bone and my boots are Steven by Steve Madden.

What are you listening to these days?

Eric: Well my guilty pleasure is Tyga’s song “Rack City.” But that’s not my normal favorite. Make sure you’re clear in the post that it’s my guilty pleasure.

Favorite magazine?

Cameron: I read “Nylon” regularly.