Street Style: One of the Masters

This Thailand native has winter fashion know-how.

Winter street style in Boston can be difficult to shoot, because it’s basically a look book of coats and boots. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cold weather wear, but my heart skipped a beat and my finger itched to click the shutter the minute I saw Opal Phomgphaibool strolling down the streets of Harvard Square. I was actually on the phone, thinking I’d wrapped up shooting for the day, when I caught sight of her; I hung up without explanation (sorry, Mom) and raced over to take photos of the one woman I’d found not wrapped up in down feathers or wool. Opal is from Thailand, where she’s a street style blogger herself for “Cheeze Magazine.” No wonder she looked so good and laughed when I told her why I was stopping her.

What are you wearing?

The skirt is Forever 21, the jacket is Lucky Brand. I got the bag at a market Thailand, and the boots are from a store in Stockholm. The sunglasses are from TJ Maxx.

Where’s the last place you traveled?

Outside of the U.S.? Let’s see…I was recently in Austria.