Zoora.com Launch Party

The Boston-based e-commerce site offers custom-tailored designer clothing.

A fashionista’s heartbreak is turning away an ill-fitting, but otherwise perfect statement piece. We’ve all been there. Enter Zoora.com. The local e-commerce site offers pieces from designers (currently Emily Muller, Lily & Migs, Nirva, and ten other designers) that are custom-tailored to each shopper’s measurements, or “style DNA.” About 75 Bostonians hoofed it to Rescue last night to see the new website’s clothing in person. Although the site is Boston-based, organizers plan to expand by three to five brands per month as they embark on a national launch tour.

Check out some photos from the party:

(Zoora.com founder Aubrie Pagano with an Alana Hale piece available on the website. The customizable dress is available in three colors, and with or without a fur trim.)

(Zoora.com intern Kelly Hogan measured partygoers for the custom-fit clothing.)

(Medical student Mitch Izower and designer Amanda Curtis.)

(Fashion stylist Naomi Mirando and James Perse manager Jessica Letendre.)

(Kristina Tourt browses the Rescue racks.)

— Kate Spalla