Street Style: From San Fransisco with Love

Fashionable outerwear is one (the only?) good thing about Boston winters.

Nick Noyer went to college in Boston and loves coming back because he enjoys wearing his heartier wardrobe pieces (shivering Bostonians in the beginning of March might not feel the same way). Nick looked great and was kind enough to chat with me about what he had on.

What are you wearing?

My coat is from Dags, my sweater is RLX Ralph Lauren, my shirt is from Vince, my pants are from AG Jeans, and the boots are Rag & Bone. Oh, and the sunglasses are Burberry.

How long did you live in boston?

I went to school here, so for four years. I lived in Cambridge; I loved it. Although I also love Charles Street — Beacon Hill is pretty fabulous.

What do you miss about Boston?

Getting to wear coats! I live in San Fransisco and I haven’t worn a scarf or gloves out there in three years.

What blogs do you read?

Oh, goodness. Let’s see…Tech Crunch is a San Fransisco favorite. I also read Towel Road.