Street Style: Boots or Sneakers? How About Both?

Hoon Oh rocks some amazing shoes on the streets of Kendall Square.

A recent transplant from California, Hoon Oh looked great in Nikes. Are they boots? Sneakers? I couldn’t tell, and to be honest, I didn’t care; they’re awesome either way. Here, this West End-based designer brings some Pasadena charm to our city’s streets.

What are you wearing?

My shoes are Nike, my coat is from Nautica, my pants are J.Crew, and my glasses are from a random vintage shop in Pasadena. I’m from California.

Welcome to the city! What’s your favorite thing about Boston so far?

Well, this recent nice weather, so I can wear these shoes. All the trees, I guess? The public transit? And the Celtics, obviously. I’m a huge Celtics fan.

Where have you been hanging out in Boston so far?

The Back Bay is pretty fun. I live in the West End, which is fun, too, but to be honest I haven’t really explored the city yet. I just got here two months ago.