Rag & Bone Opening Drew Crowds, Tom and Gisele

(David Neville, Tom Brady, Marcus Wainwright, Gisele / Photo by Bill Brett)

What’s better than a store opening with a surprise cameo from local darlings Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen? Friday night, Rag & Bone had it all. The royal couple — clad in R&B — posed for photos and mingled with guests over champagne and cocktails amid racks of tailored, classic pieces: black blazers, gauzy sheer blouses in tangerine and turquoise from the spring collection.

We chatted with Rag & Bone designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville about Boston, Tom and Gisele, and their expanding brand.

Q. What about Boston made you want to open a store here?

David Neville: We were very taken by the city. It’s very pretty. It reminded us of England I think.

Q. Is there an ideal man or woman you design for?

DN: Tom Brady and Gisele.

Marcus Wainwright: There isn’t one, to be honest. It’s a way of thinking. It’s a mindset about clothes and what’s important about clothes. It’s about a style that mixes several things together, from very simple and easy casual-kind-of-clothes to very high-end pieces and a whole range of influences—a collected kind of look that is not head-to-toe and can apply to someone who’s 16 or someone who’s 60.

Q. How would you describe Boston’s style, and where does rag & bone fit in?

DN: I don’t think it is possible to define Boston’s style — or we’re not capable of it. But I think Rag & Bone is a good fit because we have a lot of classic clothing and we also have a lot of fashion, but there are a lot of different people who can wear [it]. I think it’s because our roots are sort of British and in tailoring, so some of it is very wearable — classic but still cool — and I think that’s going to fit well with the people in Boston.

Q. Does your Newbury boot have anything to do with Newbury Street?

MW: The Newbury boot is named after the town in England that Newbury Street was named after. So, sort of.

— Kimya Kavehkar