The Lone Wolf: Regan Smith Clarke

It's all about the message for this Eastie-based T-shirt designer.

[Regan Smith Clarke]

Badass empowerment slogans — “Be a Trailblazer,” “Make Your Own Luck,” “Be the Lone Wolf” — cover the cotton shirts in “Stand & Deliver,” the 2012 collection from Eastie-based Regan Smith Clarke Clothing Company. Indeed, it’s all about the message for the line’s founder.

Fashion designer Regan Smith Clarke is a self-proclaimed lone wolf — cunning, cagey, and confident. Since graduating from Merimack College in 2007, he’s been finding his niche in the flavors of our past, delving into the crux of 20th century America and coming up with something vibrant and fresh. With ‘Stand and Deliver,’ he found inspiration in the nose art found on American World War II military aircrafts.

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“It’s supposed to be a modern view on a previous time,” said Clarke. “The problem when you say something is vintage-inspired [is] it’s getting out of hand where, basically, it means everything and it means nothing. I’m not necessarily stuck on one time frame or one theme, but I do reference different time periods and themes from the past. It allows you to have a lot of freedom, but to still have a focus.”

The Revere native says that his local roots have an impact on his work, too: “[Boston] is definitely a huge influence on everything I do. I feel that a big part of being an East Boston guy is that there’s always the undertone of a little bit of an edge there, and that’s an underlying theme as well.”

You can catch up with Clarke and his crew this September at the 10th annual Boston Arts Festival.

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