Brows and Braids For All

A beauty-filled night with Sarra and the Jeffrey Lyle Salon

During the “Brows and Braids” event held at Sarra’s Boston location last week, the makeup team shared tips and tools for achieving beautiful brows while staffers from Jeffrey Lyle Salon showed us how to achieve summer’s hottest braids.

Photo by Korinne Robertson


Sarra’s owner and professional makeup artist Lauren Genatossio said well-groomed brows, “can lift, open, and brighten” your entire face. Clean, yet full brows, are very on-trend, she said.

Her team uses tweezers and a very small razor (for any peach fuzz) to perfect arches. As Sadie Sham of Sarra explained, “using tweezers gives me more control than waxing… It allows me to focus on each individual hair.”

According to Genatossio, many clients can wait up to six weeks between visits, with the occasional at-home cleanup, of course. When you have your eyebrows in-check, “everything looks better and nobody knows why… your brows anchor everything” she said.

… and braids

Love braids, but like to wear your hair down? Stylist Tim Robishaw from Jeffrey Lyle showed us how to do a “Half French Braid” on my friend Korinne Robertson:

  1. Braid a small section of hair on the side of your head.

    Photo by Julie DiGiovine

  2. Continue braiding diagonally down the back of your head.

    Photo by Julie DiGiovine

  3. Finish with a small hair elastic.

Need a fresh up-do? Continue with the “Half French Braid” and create what Robishaw calls the “Ribcage Braid”:

  1. Start directly underneath where you began your first braid.
  2. As you braid, bring new pieces down towards your base point.

    Photo by Julie DiGiovine

  3. Finish with a small hair elastic.
  4. Pin the two braids together with bobby pins.

    Photo by Julie DiGiovine

  5. Tuck any loose ends under, pin them up, and voila!

    Photo by Julie DiGiovine

After bubbly and macaroons, we left the studio to show off our braided tresses and perfectly plucked brows.

Sarra Boston, 840 Summer St., Boston, 617-269-8999,; Jeffrey Lyle Salon, 135 Newbury St., Boston, 617-391-0551,