Boston Fashion Week: Karina Bresnahan

Karina Bresnahan took us from poolside at a luxury resort to the depths of the ocean blue with her varied and entertaining mermaid-themed swimwear collection.

Seeing what looked like the bottom half of the Starbucks mermaid on the backdrop of Karina Bresnahan’s runway, people couldn’t help but worry a little. Fortunately, Bresnahan eased us into her technicolor under-the-sea swimwear collection by starting with luxurious neutral outfits fit for any luxury beach resort. From there, she lured us away from the pool and into open waters, where bright aquatic colors and patterns awaited.

Who knew wetsuits could be sexy?

The straps of color wrapped around some models may look like snagged seaweed, but there’s a method to the madness, and it’s surprisingly flattering.

All photos by Mackenzie Filson.
Editor’s note:
Boston magazine was one of the Tent sponsors.