Meet Boston Street Style

Krista Casey and Dave Kavaler's new blog is a snapshot of city style.

Yes, our city has been described as “America’s Bad-Taste Storm Sewer,” where “all the worst fashion ideas from across the country flow there, stagnate, and putrefy.” Thanks GQ. But two locals beg to differ: Krista Casey and Dave Kavaler set out daily to capture inspiring fashion in Boston’s neighborhoods for their new blog, Boston Street Style.

The two graphic designers met in photography class at Northeastern University back in 2006, but it wasn’t until last May that they followed in the footsteps of The Sartorialist and Street Peeper and started the blog. Here, the friends discuss their photography backgrounds, Boston’s bad fashion rap, and how college students can sometimes be the most adventurous when it comes to fashion.

Why did you start Boston Street Style?

Dave Kavaler: So last year we both started our own separate photo blogs. With mine, I had intended to do a 365-photo project and post a photo every day. But the idea was mainly just to go out into the street and do a portrait or a candid, or whatever struck me. And then Krista’s blog was a personal style blog. So Boston Street Style grew out of a combination of those two. We looked around when we were thinking about it and no one was really doing it with the level of photography that we thought it deserved. When we found out the URL was available, that was the tipping point.

When I think of Boston fashion, my mind unfortunately goes to Red Sox caps and flip-flops with socks. How do you find people to photograph?

DK: We’re not looking for anyone in particular; we just want people on the blog who are trying new things and are experimenting, where it’s clear that they’re trying to express an aspect of their personality through the way they dress. We don’t care about brands — we just want to be inspired by the people on the street.

Which neighborhoods are the most fruitful for subjects?

Krista Casey: We like Newbury Street because of the volume of people, but also beacause when you start off at Mass Ave. and you work your way through to the Common, there is such a change. It starts off kind of bohemian at Mass Ave. and then it changes as we move…we love to see what people are doing in Allston, it’s different. The South End, Harvard Square. We definitely have to move around to get everything.

Why do you think Boston has such a bad fashion rap?

KC: I think it feeds itself. I even wish that Bostonians would give us more credit. We look at certain publications that do a small street style component and it’s not at a level where the clothing is inspiring and the photos are well done. If people could just get over what GQ said and give [Boston] a chance — because we see it every day. We know it’s here, especially with students. We’re really excited when we find students because they’re not inhibited, they’re less self-conscious sometimes, and they’re trying different and interesting things. We wish people would embrace that more.

DK: The other side of the whole GQ stance is you could really make the claims that they made about Boston as a whole about any city. Pick a corner in New York, and there are going to be people in Yankees hats, and Jets hats, and Mets hats, and Knicks hats walking past you just as often as people walking down the street wearing awesome outfits. For whatever reason, people just ignore the fashionable people in Boston.

Check out some of Dave and Krista’s favorite snaps so far and their thoughts on each look…

“Each of her pieces really stand out and yet they come together to create such a beautifully classic look. We love the way she layers her cape.”

“His jacket really steals the show but he has chosen some great supporting pieces and his overall look is unique to him.”

“Black doesn’t have to be boring. When you wear your outfit well people take notice and he looks striking in his black leather jacket and denim shirt.”

“She is staying warm in style. The scarf and jacket look wonderfully warm while the pants and boots keep things interesting.”

“Her outfit has such great personality. The cut of the dress, the style of the shoes and those wonderful patterns. A fantastic holiday look!”

“We love to find someone who’s style is as unique as they are. Part of her look seems as if it is from another era, but her pink hair and studded jewelry modernize her it.”

“We love when people aren’t afraid to be expressive with their style. We look for the most interesting and different looks that we can find and we were very happy to find her.”

— Laura Childs