Smells Like Home

United Scents of America has a new Massachusetts fragrance.

massperfume(Courtesy of United Scents of America)

If you had to bottle the Bay State, what would you add? Essence of clam chowder? Freshly brewed beer? Dirty water? Try cranberry, jasmine, sage, and lemon zest, all notes in the new Massachusetts fragrance out tomorrow from the United Scents of America — it’s “reminiscent of Massachusetts in the autumn,” says cofounder and UMass Amherst alum Samantha Sherwin. The company, started by Sherwin and Sasha Bertran, has also released scents for Florida, California, Hawaii, Texas, New Jersey, and — hold your nose — New York.

To concoct the scent, the pair went straight to the source: They gathered about 25 people at a Boston cafe to sniff different scents and discuss which smells reminded them of their homestate. Sherwin emphasized that she and Bertran really wanted the fragrance to represent something for individuals who actually come from or live in Massachusetts, and not simply the creators’ impressions.

There will be a launch event tomorrow from 7-9 p.m. at North End boutique Shake the Tree. Try samples of the scent, snack on treats prepared by food blogger Emily Bell, and sip limoncello.

$58 for the perfume, $26 for the candle, Shake the Tree, 67 Salem St., Boston, 617-742-0484,

— Molly Mirhashem