A Fashion Party on Newbury Street

Boston Ballet and National Jean Company joined forces for a night of themed cocktails, designer fashion, and Sleeping Beauty.

Guests(Boston Ballet’s Fashion Party/All photos by Regina Mogilevskaya)

Last night, driving rain didn’t stop ballerinas, designers, and the Young Partners of Boston Ballet from putting on their fete frocks and hoofing it to National Jean Company on Newbury Street. A joint effort of the Boston Ballet and National Jean Company, the Fashion Party was part shopping event, part fashion show. As guests sipped champagne and nibbled mini Georgetown cupcakes, a handful of leggy models strutted around the store in ensembles from NJC and inspired by the upcoming spring season ballets: All Kylián, The Sleeping Beauty, Chroma, and Coppélia.

Chroma, Chroma, The Sleeping Beauty(National Jean Company looks inspired by Boston Ballet’s upcoming Chroma and The Sleeping Beauty performances.)

“It’s hard because you obviously don’t want to make costumes; we’re not going to put a leotard on the girl,” said Charles Heightchew, manager of costumes and wardrobe at Boston Ballet, who created the looks with NJC founder Steven Simon. “We tried more to get a sense of the color palette and slimness of silhouette,” he added. The end goal was to successfully turn costumes into street wear fashion and to match the clothing to the moods and jewel tones of each show. The All Kylian look, for one, featured a simple, elegant knee-length dress and a bold necklace

Other standout looks of the night included pale pink cigarette jeans paired with a flowing white top for Chroma, black J.Brand jeans with a pink blazer for The Sleeping Beauty, and a basic, clean-cut, all black outfit for men inspired by the lines of All Kylian.

All Kylian LookA model wore a sleek look inspired by All Kylian.

The night—put on by Boston Ballet’s Rachel Rosselli and her team—is just one of many events planned for the Young Partners association during the year. And there was a philanthropic angle: The store was open for business and 10 percentof all purchases were donated to the Boston Ballet.

Check out more snapshots from the fashion party:

Boston Ballet DancerBoston Ballet company members Christopher Scruggs and Lawrence Rines.

Steven SmonNational Jean Company founder Steven Simon, left, with guests.

ChromaChromaTwo lovely spring looks inspired by Chroma.

Charles HeightchewCharles Heightchew, manager of costumes and wardrobe at Boston Ballet.

Georgetown CupcakesMini Georgetown cupcakes, all dressed up for occasion.

SleepingBeautyA high contrast look inspired by The Sleeping Beauty.

Coppelia and ChromaAn eye-grabbing outfit for the lively Coppelia, and a softer, sweeter look for Chroma.

National Jean CompanyGuests eating, drinking, and shopping.